Dreams Gate
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  •  RKB ↓ 

    I recently stumbled across this website from Space Engine.

    I'm a huge fan of Stargate and this creation looks very nice. The only problem I'm having is that i cant read Russian.
    The rest of the forum doesnt translate well using google chrome, so I have no idea whats going on.

    Would someone be nice enough to answer a few questions for me please?

    1) Is this game still going, or has it been abandoned?

    2) Is there an area where I can read about the game and what it is trying to achieve (In English)?

    Thanks for your time.

  •  MIF ↓ 

    I bad know english, but...
    Project still alive )
    And will new demo, when sv will complete physics.

  •  Jorkin ↓ 

    Unfortunately I bad know much English, so will be brief. Future game will include many genres, will be online,
    the project is not commercial. Author of the project creates a game almost single-handedly, so progress is slow. 
    SV now is working on the game engine, on physics. At the end of the stage will be released demo.

  •  Flexrap ↓ 

    So my friend process goes. And into the transfer... If someone dare to translate. P.S. I`m badly know English language as you see :)

  •  RKB ↓ 

    Thanks for the answers.
    Your English was understandable(ish).

  •  sv ↓ 

    Hi, RKB.

    Currently, I'm still working on some big things (like physics, scripts, generators and etc). There is still a lot to do, but the development continues.